Hazardous material storage solutions

SIE offer a full range of tailor made storage solutions for contractors wishing to store hazardous materials on site or anywhere you need. Hazardous materials need specialist storage, SIE have designed our storage containers with this in mind and with our vast experience have developed a safe user friendly solution for storage, dispensing and transfer of hazardous materials, chemicals, flammables and combustibles.

We custom fit each container so that they have a full ATEX rating to BS EN 60079-10-1:2009 with heating and lighting, shelving is also fitted to customer specifications. The containers are fully bunded and have a non slip steel mezzanine floor to contain spillages and provide a safe working environment. The containers are vented to maintain airflow and minimise toxic fumes. Container sizes ranging from 10 – 20 foot offer flexibility when choosing the amount of storage space you require and each container is fully fitted with load tested lifting eyes and fork lift channels for mobility around site. Each container comes with a high security concealed padlock cover.  Choice of colour and any other special requirements are available.