Vacuum Recovery

The all new super silenced SIEVAC range is a high efficiency pneumatic conveying machine designed for high tonnage vacuum recovery and reclamation of particulate materials.

With the capacity to recover up to 20 tonne per hour depending on material and being a single compact highly robust and mobile unit designed for the most arduous environments the SIEVAC has been exceeding all expectations. SIEVAC has the ability to recover blast media up to a mile

Noise levels are not a problem the all new SIEVAC operates at 70dba surpassing all regulations and when your demands take you in proximity of the local population it causes minimum disturbance.

SIEVAC offers you the right solution to recovering and conveying blast Medias such as, Abrasive blasting material, Powders, Plastic pellets, Grains, Sands, Aggregates and numerous other bulk materials in both clean up and material transfer functions.

SIEVAC is routinely deployed to blast cleaning companies, shipyards, tank cleaning companies, metallurgical plants and steel mills, powder plants, cement industries, chemical industries and beyond.

The SIE VAC is a compact single unit robustly constructed to withstand hard usage in industrial environments and has many important features including:

Automatic discharge of the material at set timed intervals whilst recovery takes place allowing non-stop production.

Automatic reverse pulsing of the filters to maintain efficiency.

Low noise levels in operation.

Extensive lining of parts subject to abrasion so wear is reduced to a minimum resulting in reduced down time.

Simple maintenance procedures with all components of the unit easily accessible.

Designed for continual operation, as a self cleaning continual off loading system or for use to a collection hopper.

Depending on customer specifications performance of our SIEVAC range may vary, the minimum you can expect is 7.5 metric ton per hour rising up to 20 metric ton per hour at distances reaching over 1 mile, proven at the Tay Bridge in Scotland. When all these factors are considered, the recovery system investment is rapidly refunded.