Shot Blast Helmets

Commander & Panorama EN271

Made of glass fibre re-enforced polyester and equipped with a rubber coating that limits the sounds of rebounding blast particles to a minimum and provides the user with a high level of protection. The yellow airflow indicator shows whether sufficient air is being passed into the shot blasting helmet. The wire mesh screen and the disposable visor protect the main visor and can be easily exchanged. An exchangeable cotton neck seal ensures comfort and a high protection factor. A cape or jacket available in leather, bisonyl or cotton, protects the user’s chest, back and shoulders.

Features and benefits

- The Commander has a concentrated field of vision (145x90mm)
- The Panorama has a wide field of vision (165x110mm)
- Adjustable headband for increased comfort
- All parts e.g. visors rubber seals are easy to replace
- Unique rubber coating decreases noise level and wear
- Fail safe airflow indicator for increased safety

Both the Commander and the Panorama can be perfectly combined with the Vortex Air Conditioner or the leather coverall.


Helmet with Bisonyl cape £199.99


Helmet with Bisonyl cape £219.99

Full range of spares parts available.