From start to finish SIE can provide a guaranteed solution to the most demanding tasks where our high pressure blast pots and extremely powerful grit recovery systems can turn the most arduous commission into a straightforward post. Our vast experience in protective coatings means we can determine the correct paint application system for your business or current under taking, supporting you from start to finish is what we set out to achieve.

Since the 1980s, SIE has been providing a comprehensive range of standard and innovative blasting, protective coating and environmental control services for a variety of different industries. Over the years our extensive experience has enabled us to provide a reliable, quality industrial service in a safe and controlled way.

Working closely with the biggest names in the business we have gained invaluable experience on some difficult assignments where SIE’s equipment and expertise has proved itself time and again and with a safety record to match.

Project planning with SIE couldn’t be easier, simply contact us with your query and a skilled technician will be on hand to discuss what you need. Take a look at some of our testimonials to gain an insight into how SIE can help you.