At SIE we specialise in bespoke design to meet and surpass our customers’ needs in the industrial services sector. With a highly skilled team of engineers and designers we can consult and advice your business on the best possible solution to a demanding assignment. SIE’s equipment is routinely deployed during initial project build, commissioning, routine maintenance and extension of life projects and decommissioning.

When a problem arises you can rely on us to find the solution, with our custom designed machines and site infrastructure for the surface preparation and coatings industry you can rest assured on maximum operability at minimum cost. Our experience is indispensable in this field.

Blast rooms & Spray Booths

SIE specialises in designing blast rooms and spray booths for businesses of any size, from large manufacturing plants to small blasting companies. Using our own innovative components within our installations our blast rooms and paint booths incorporate low noise levels, high efficiency lighting and very efficient air handling systems.
For more information please contact us to arrange a site visit and consultation.