Industrial and multi Can Crusher

Empty paint and solvent tins can obstruct working areas, and incur heavy disposal costs.  A convenient solution is the simple to operate Can Crusher.

The mini Can Crusher reduces most cans and pails of up to 30 litres to a fraction of their original size.

The multi-drum crusher has been known to crush six 30 litre pails at once, perfect for the larger sites or companies using a lot of paint and solvent.

This greatly reduces waste skip transport and disposal charges to landfill sites, and helps maintain a safer, tidier workspace.

Fully CE Marked, with built in safety features to prevent the door being opened until the crushing cycle is complete.


The empty can is placed within the crushing compartment of the Can Crusher. Closing and securing the door catch starts the crushing cycle. The door can be opened and the crushed Pail removed once the crushing cycle has completed.


- Safe and easy operation

- Pneumatic and mechanical safety interlocks ensure the door cannot be opened until crushing is complete.

- Powder coated finish

- Viewing window

- Robust powder coated construction

- CE marked

At SIE we have found our customers prefer the option of two sizes of the unit, the standard  and low cost single can crusher with pneumatic ram and the larger multi can crusher capable of oil drums and multi cans of 25-30 liter capacity.

Both heavy duty and capable of the demands all our equipment is tested to.