Breathing Air Systems

Respiratory Protection

In many blasting and painting applications the operator needs a clean source of breathing air to protect against the dust created and many harmful gases that are often present on site, SIE offers total protection.  The use of compressed air as a source of breathable air is well accepted throughout industry, being readily available and relatively inexpensive to produce.

Why purify compressed air?

In recent years, employers have become increasingly aware of their responsibility to comply with International Breathing Air Standards. The standards define the quality of breathing air that must be provided to operators working in contaminated environments. Contaminants frequently present in compressed air that threaten the well being of breathing air users are;

- Fumes
- Oil
- Vapours
- Gases
- Solid particles
- Micro-organisms
- Diesel (if using portable compressors)

For compressed air to be suitable for breathing air applications it must be properly purified to ensure that it meets the relevant Breathing Air Standard.


SIE is committed to providing a top quality product at all times, under current law all breathing air products sold in the UK MUST meet the European standard EN12021.

All our breathing air products meet this requirement and full documentation is always provided, whether it is SALE or HIRE

Please take the time to look at our range below, catering for the onsite market where portability and ease of use is paramount.

BA-2006 - BA-2013

The domnick hunter BA-2006 and BA-2013 are a two stage point of use breathing air filter. These combine high efficiency coalescing prefiltration elements with odour removal, activated carbon elements in two stage housings. A pressure regulator allows adjustment of line air pressure to useable levels. This unit is fitted as an option to our range of abrasive blasting machines.

Other Products

ALG0010 - SIE DOM®