Abrasive Blasting Machines available for Hire and Sale

SIE offers a full range of modern portable blasting machines designed for all types of blasting environments. Designed for blasting on site where maneuverability is essential or to be used in a fixed environment such as a blast room. The SIE range of blast machines combines rugged efficient operation with maximum site safety proven throughout the world. Available for hire: 14" Blast pots, 20" Blast pots, 24" Blast pots.

Hydraulically tested to twice the working pressure all our machines come with a test certificate and a comprehensive machine manual.

Available with a choice of abrasive metering valves which include the flat sand valve normally used for expandable abrasives such as Scangrit and olivine or the rubber lined steel grit valve which is most suited for chilled iron and steel shot.

Machines available

Water Separator

High quality compressed air is essential to pneumatic and automatic systems as correct air preparation minimises component failure, increases the operating life of equipment and reduces energy consumption. Water vapor occurs naturally in air and is present in the hot air discharged from air compressors. The hot air will then release condensate as it meets the colder surfaces of downstream equipment. Although the condensate can be removed via drains, liquid will remain in the air stream. This liquid condensate will break down lubricating oils, increasing friction between moving surfaces and corrode exposed metal components.

All SIE blasting machines are fitted with High Flow Water Separators that allows 500cfm @ 6.3 bar of unrestricted air flow, an increase of 33% over the old system. This ensures greater velocity at the nozzle, which results in improved output and efficiency.

Remote Control Deadman System

All SIE Blast Machines purchased/hired from SIE are fitted with our superb Remote Control Valve, now commonly known in the blasting world as “The Deadman”. It enables one person to safely use the machine, controlling the system with the remote handle without needing the assistance of a “potman”. It’s large port holes quickly and efficiently allow the air to flow, pressurising (and depressurising on shut down) the pot in an instant. Because the operator is in the blasting position, prior to operation, the savings on abrasive and energy are immense.

The system is easy to operate. When air first enters the remote valve, it is in a closed position. A small amount of air is bled off and travels along one of the twin deadman lines, with the handle in the open position the air leaks to atmosphere. When the handle is depressed, the leak is “sealed” and the air travels back along the return line into the remote valve, lifting a piston which opens the ports allowing the main thrust of air to enter the machine. On releasing the handle the piston returns to its rest position, stopping the airflow and opening the exhaust port. Fitted to the exhaust is a silencer which muffles the exhaust air making the machine far more user friendly.

Deadman Handle

The “fail safe” deadman handle incorporates a safety catch, ensuring the system can’t be operated if the operator slips or falls onto the handle. To operate the system, the safety catch must first be disengaged before the handle can be depressed.

Breathing Air

As an option SIE can attach a two stage point of use breathing air filter. These combine high efficiency coalescing prefiltration elements with odour removal, activated carbon elements in two stage housings. A pressure regulator allows adjustment of line air pressure to useable levels.
The breathing air filter is supplied with the same compressed air that is used to power the blast machine coming from a valve on the remote control system eliminating the need for an extra airline.

For more information on breathing air systems